The most common roulette games on virtual casinos

Roulette betflik auto is one of the most popular casino games nowadays. Invented more than three centuries ago, roulette has today become the main attraction in physical casinos and beyond. The reasons are easy to understand. First of all, its design is attractive, the roulette wheel with a shiny head, in some locations even made of precious metals, can be associated with the symbol of power and financial potency of those who practice roulette games. In reality, however, today we have at our disposal a whole range of more than accessible games, which can be played even with little money. This is the advantage of online roulette games, where the winnings are not capped, as the participation in the game does not impose any exorbitant amount.

What versions of roulette games are there?
Despite appearances, the game of roulette has seen some evolution over time. Its rules have remained roughly the same, so the main goal in roulette games is to guess the winning number displayed by the ball that stops on the spinning dial. The classic roulette, in its beginnings, had 36 numbers written on it, after which the number zero was added, considered the number of the bank. Despite the legends that circulate around this novelty, the number zero does not bring you additional winnings, nor does it have any special significance. Zero can be bet on, just like any other number on the spinning dial, and the amount you bet will have a multiplier of 35. Also, there are some versions or online casinos where betting on the number zero repeatedly and winning the round can bring you substantial prizes, similar to the jackpots we find in slot games. Thus, there are versions where catching two or three rounds on zero can bring you prizes of thousands of dollars.

European roulette
One of the most popular roulette games found in online casinos is European roulette. With a single zero present on the roulette face, it retains both the graphics and the rules of the classic roulette, thus providing satisfaction to the classic game lovers. Thus, the game is composed of the roulette dial and the green game table, while the white ball is thrown onto the wall by a virtual dealer, if we refer to online casinos.

American roulette
Although apparently more difficult, American roulette has also become one of the most beloved roulette games, becoming widespread in casinos across the Ocean as well as in England or the Far East. Unlike European roulette, it comes with two zero boxes marked on the game dial, so the players’ chances of winning in front of the casino decrease considerably. This has not yet detracted from the appeal of American roulette, quite the opposite.

Pinball Roulette
Another version of the roulette game is the Pinball Roulette, a combination of the two extremely popular systems in the gambling halls. The difference is that the ball is no longer launched on the guardrail, but on the side, similar to the Pinball game, and with the help of the lever we can direct the ball to the lucky boxes, located at the bottom of the screen.

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