The simplest strategy to follow in online roulette

Online betflix168 เข้าสู่ระบบ roulette is the forerunner of the classic roulette game, which we find in all self-respecting casinos. Thus, the game largely preserves the hundreds of years of rules of the lucky wheel invented by the French physicist Blaise Pascal, whereby the sole purpose is to intuit the lucky number that the ball thrown on the roulette wheel will indicate. The game of roulette consists of two main components, namely, the roulette wheel and the game table.

On the roulette wheel we will find the 36 numbers placed alternately and painted in red and black, as well as the number zero, considered for a long time the number of the bank or casino. However, this is no longer preserved in the online game, in the sense that the number zero is considered an absolutely normal number, like any number written on the roulette wheel, in terms of the winnings offered. And if until recently it was considered that once you won with a bet placed on zero you deserved some special prize, on online roulette the odds are the same, 35 to one, as any other number.

The most important online roulette strategies
On the other hand, online roulette has always been an attraction for the big players, who were trying to get the coup de grace in a single night spent at the casino. Thus, over time there have been a lot of players who have tried in every way to trick the roulette wheel, in an attempt to find the algorithm after which the ball stops on the lucky numbers. However, no one has discovered the secret of roulette, which is why there are even various legends circulating in history about characters who died trying to defeat the “devil’s wheel”, as the roulette wheel was nicknamed.

Until we find out the winning combination, we should see what are the main rules of the game that we have to follow and only then the strategies to apply for a maximum winning margin. First of all, it must be stated that in roulette you can bet on a single number, in which case your bet will be multiplied 35 times. If you bet on two numbers, then your amount will be multiplied 17 times and so on. Finally, the simplest bet is the bet on the even/odd numbers or the red/black color. In these cases, the staked amount will be doubled, just like if we bet on the small/large numbers, i.e. from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36, respectively. Although, apparently, the latter pairs are considered almost certain, their margin of safety drops dramatically, in case you find yourself getting a few unlucky rounds. This was the reason why various strategies were invented over time to maximize the chances of winning.

The most famous online roulette betting strategy is Martingale. This is based on repeated betting on a 2-to-1 odds bet, with the stake doubling for each losing round. Finally, if we win, the total stake will be doubled. It’s a somewhat risky strategy, as long as an unlucky streak, with several losing rounds in a row, can result in the stake being multiplied by 32 or 64 times.

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